A different way of working and studying

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Each one of us has a different way of processing information and it is a challenge to understand which style works best for us. This event is aimed at people who may face difficulties in their studies and work, and want to learn what they can do about it.
Everyone has a different learning style, and it is sometimes a challenge to discover what works best for each and every one of us. Our aim is to help students, who may face difficulties in their studies and/or work, to inform them about the special arrangements that the University of Oulu provides and to promote valuable study tips.
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Kaleidoscopic Minds is a Facebook group and page I manage.

The aim of the Kaleidoscopic Minds page is to raise awareness about neurodevelopmental and behavioural disorders.

The aim of the Kaleidoscopic Minds group is to collect tools, techniques and information on related associations to support adults with neurodevelopmental and behavioural disorders.

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